Stalia Week, Day Seven: Free Choice→ Alternate Universe

When teen actress Malia Tate (star of Desert Wolf, the critically acclaimed film adaption of Stiles’ favorite comic book) enrolls at BHHS, Stiles jumps at the chance to tutor her. Too bad he doesn’t know how to speak French or how to ask her out. Fortunately, with a little help from Stiles’ friends (and a nudge from Malia herself), the two finally settle into a romantic relationship that the media enjoys nearly as much as they do.



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i saw an mri that looked just like my wife’s. and it terrifies me.


So someone I know does woodwork in his spare time… and he showed me this yesterday:


It’s a map of Middle Earth. That he carved onto a table. Himself. In 60-ish hours (or, as he initially put it, “3 Harry Potter audiobooks”)

Just look at the detail…


And the effort that went into this.


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September 14, 2014: The Green Bay Packers defeat the New York Jets 31-24


I just love thinking about the parts of Ginny’s life that have absolutely nothing to do with Harry Potter

Ginny writing long-winded letters to Charlie about her Care of Magical Creatures classes and her feelings about Bill’s new earring

Ginny defending Luna in their classes together and holding hands with her in the hall

Ginny kissing Neville on the mouth and making him turn bright red

Ginny training for Quidditch tryouts because she’s really fucking good and knows she deserves a spot on the team no matter who’s the bloody Captain

Ginny doing her homework on her bed with Arnold sleeping in her hair

Ginny writing letters to Remus that include puzzles and riddles for Sirius, to keep him occupied, because she’s kind and compassionate and knows he’s having a hard time

Ginny taking astronomy just so she has an excuse to sit out on the North Tower at night, alone

Ginny teaming up with Peeves to wreak havoc and getting it blamed on Fred and George

Ginny helping Fred and George develop their anti-Dark Magic line bc she’s so damn good at DADA

and all the friends Ginny has that never get names because Harry doesn’t know who they are and never sees her with them, so it’s as if they don’t exist

man Ginny got shafted y’all, I want books from Ginny’s perspective



M*A*S*H rewatch2x12 - ‘The Incubator’

"Captain, are you saying no?"

"It’s my job to say no."

"You do it very well."

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"Ah, those two. In a fight, they’re lethal. Around each other, they melt." (Sonya Karp, The Golden Lily)

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For the time will soon come when Hobbits will shape the fortunes of all